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What We're Learning

1st Semester Weekly Agendas

  • Monday - Invesitgate the Teacher

    Tuesday - Growth Mindset Activity

    Wednesday - “Get to Know You” Activities

    Thursday - “Get to Know You” Activities

    Friday - Introduction to Unit 1:Generations

  • Monday - Read “Grounded” and write an objective summary

    Tuesday - Complete Launch Activity and QuickWrite

    Wednesday - STAR Math Test

    Thursday - Library Orientation

    Friday - Begin reading “Two Kinds” and discussing narrative elements

  • Monday - Finish reading “Two Kinds” and complete comprehension check

    Tuesday -Complete Text Analysis Questions and Vocabulary practice

    Wednesday - Discuss point of view and complete practice on page 27

    Thursday - Take Selection Test over “Two Kinds”

    Friday - Write a retelling of a scene from mother’s POV

  • Monday - Read “A Simple Act” and complete comprehension check

    Tuesday - Complete Text Analysis Questions and timeline of article

    Wednesday - Review Author’s POV/Weighted Words/Subjective and Objective writing and complete practice on page 39

    Thursday - Review for Selection Test and Adverbs practice

    Friday - Selection Test of “A Simple Act” 

  • Monday – Read excerpt from An Invisible Thread and answer comprehension questions on page 45

    Tuesday – Minilesson over the ACE Method of answering questions and complete analysis and author’s point of view questions

    Wednesday – Review author’s POV and finish analysis/author’s POV questions

    Thursday – Review/Practice concept vocabulary, word study, and adjectives

    Friday – Test over An Invisible Thread excerpt

  • Monday - Labor Day: NO SCHOOL!

    Tuesday - Explanatory Essay over “A Simple Act” and An Invisible Thread excerpt

    Wednesday - Explanatory Essay over “A Simple Act” and An Invisible Thread excerpt

    Thursday - Read “Tutors Teach Seniors New High-Tech Tricks” and answer comprehension questions

    Friday - Identifying Central Idea Practice from “Tutors Teach Seniors New High-Tech Tricks” on page 67 

  • Monday - Central Idea practice over “Tutors Teach Teens New High-Tech Tricks”

    Tuesday - Finish Central Idea practice and begin PowerPoint assignments

    Wednesday - Finish PowerPoint to explain a technology app to a senior or create an idea for a program that would connect teens/seniors.

    Thursday - Present PowerPoints and make connections on central idea practice

    Friday - Read excerpt from the memoir Mom & Me & Mom and answer comprehension questions on page 76

  • Monday - Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Tuesday - Practice direct and indirect characterization through the analyzing of Mom & Me & Mom

    Wednesday - Watch the video “Learning to Love my Mother” and take notes. Begin Compare and Contrast Essay over the video and text

    Thursday - Create PowerPoint to express your compare and contrast outline from yesterday

    Friday - Read “Mother to Son” and “To James” and discuss main ideas of the poems. Complete comprehension check on page 99.

  • Monday – Begin poetry discussion and read “Mother to Son” and “To James”

    Tuesday - Poetry Analysis Questions over “Mother to Son” and “To James”

    Wednesday - Review and practice Rhythm, Repetition, Symbolism in poems

    Thursday - Connotation and Denotation/Concept Vocabulary practice

    Friday - Selection Test over Poetry Collection 1 



    Monday - Break down Unit 1 Essay Prompt and gather evidence from texts

    Tuesday - Take notes on and write a thesis statement and introduction paragraph

    Wednesday - Takes notes on and write body paragraphs 

    Thursday - Take notes on and write conclusion paragraph

    Friday - Finish typing essays and revise/edit using TNReady rubric