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 September 12-16;  Week 7


Our Employability Counts attribute change is Perseverance for September. Please help us to teach our students the importance of persevering and not giving up. It is wonderful to know you can do hard things; by doing hard things and not giving up, one becomes a valuable commodity to self and the community.

At IMS, we have our students lead the parent-teacher conferences. We feel it is essential for the students to explain and take ownership of their learning. During the meeting, students will discuss their strengths and set goals. We know this is a little different than some schools; however, we have had great success for some time using such a structure in our PTCs. Thank you, parents, in advance for participating in our conference and supporting our efforts

  • Report Cards will be handed out at Parent Teacher Conference on September 19.
  • Parent Teacher Conference is next Monday, September 19. We will begin seeing parents at 11 AM, and the last parent appointments will be at 5:30 PM. If you need an alternate time to meet with your student's teachers, don't hesitate to contact them by phone or email.
  • We are working on a tutoring plan, and we will let parents know our schedule at the parent-teacher conference on September 19.
  • Don't forget our Bake Sale during PTC! Be sure to come and check out the goodies and pick up a new IMS Shirt or Sweatshirt. Money raised in the bake sale will be used for our possible 8th-grade trip. So, parents, your support is a necessity.
  • See the schedule below for the after-school band schedule.
  • Remember, do not hesitate to contact your child's teachers if you have concerns about their grades. IMS Phone Number- 731-642-8131

Here are the events coming up this week:

9/12  IMS Softball  AT  Huntingdon                                                         5 PM


9/13 IMS Lady's Soccer Vs. Lexington                                                     6 PM

       * IMS Agi-club and FFA (Every Tuesday after school)                  3 – 4 PM

        Band Practice: Technique Percussion-                                           3 – 4 PM


9/14  Pep Band Practice                                                                        3 – 4 PM


9/15  IMS Football at JacksonParkway                                                     6:30 PM

         8th-grade band practice at HCHS for HCHS 8th Grade Night           5 PM


9/16  8th-grade Night at HCHS Football Game           


9/19 No School: Parent Teacher Conference 11 AM – 6 PM



Jason Scarbrough

Principal, IMS